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Piranha - 130g Electrode Storage Solution 8oz
Our Price: $58.62
Our Price: $7.95
Piranha - 130g Electrode Storage Solution 8oz
You can use Advanced Nutrients Piranha root booster to put massive doses of live beneficial fungi into your root zone.
Use to store your pH meter electrode between use. This solution is
designed to keep your electrode sensing membrane and reference junction
clean and unclogged and ready for use. Store you electrode directly in a
small cup of solution or saturate a sponge in the cap of your meter for
storage between use. This will prevent your permeable glass membrane
from becoming dry and from mineral deposits clogging the surface. This
solution is designed to equalize the osmotic pressure of the reference
solution in your meter junction to keep the reference solution from
seeping out and prematurely aging your meter. Should your electrode
membrane dry out soak it in this solution for at least two hours before
Big Bud - 130g Overdrive - 1L
Our Price: $29.54
Our Price: $42.68
Big Bud - 130g Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients
Want to say hello to bigger harvests using a flower booster that contains essential ingredients missing from every other booster?
Let’s face it - general hydroponics gardening can cost you a lot of money, time and effort. You spend weeks taking care of your garden, you spend lots of dollars on it, all the while hoping for the big harvest you dream of getting someday.
Purespray Green Oil 32oz. Organic Iguana Juice Grow - 1L
Our Price: $25.95
Our Price: $21.34
Purespray Green Oil 32oz. Organic Iguana Juice Grow - 1L

Purespray controls most stages of greenhouse pests. It is an OMRI listed all season spray oil for insect, mite and disease control. Perfect for organic gardening and production. Excellent resistance management tool. It is the most highly refined horticulture oil available.  KILLS EGGS!

  • Registered in all state.  EPA Reg. No. 69526-9.
Iguana Juice Grow makes your veg phase plants grow fast and strong so you can flip them into flowering earlier with the assurance that they’ll be sturdy and well-fed to give you a huge bounty of luscious flowers.

Today's Super Deal!

LumenAire 8 Reflector

Our Price: $119.95
LumenAire 8 Reflector

The LumenAire 8 has integrated 8'' air cool fittings. The large size of the fittings makes this the perfect reflector for those requiring maximum air cooling. The internal reflective surfaces are made from AlumaBrite, a highly reflective imported aluminum. It comes complete with the socket assembly and 15' lamp cord built in. Tempered glass and wire hangers are included. It will accommodate all bulb sizes. It measures 25'' x 22'' x 10''. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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